CiTi Truck - The urban electric pallet truck

With a minimum of exertion, the operator can move loads of up to 500 kilograms over considerable distances and manoeuvre in the tightest spaces with comfort and safety. The futuristic Linde CiTi Truck introduces a new model classification between hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks. The Linde CiTi Truck is the ideal solution for general deliveries and parcel services. Watch the presentation movie.

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Comfort and ergonomics

The easyControl (joystick) integrates all electrical functions as lifting and lowering, moving forwards or backwards, accelerating or decelerating enabling
the CiTi Truck to be manouevred effortessly with one hand.

A multifunctional digital display keeps the operator continuously up to date with truck&load status, battery charge indicator, working hours and overload information

  • Citi Truck
  • Citi Truck


A belly switch stops the CiTi Truck when the operator is stuck in a corner giving him complete control over the truck&load and protecting him at all times.

An electromagnetic disc brake immobilizes the CiTi Truck.

An emergency switch to power down the CiTi Truck is within easy reach on top of the technical cover.

  • Citi Truck
  • Citi Truck


Robust tandem load wheels specially adapted to get over obstacles (max. 70 mm).

A large diameter drive wheel made of three different layers of solid rubber damps down vibrations and allows the CiTi Truck to cross obstacles.

The lift motor, converts electric motor torque into high performance lifting (up to 500 kg).

A brush-less DC traction motor is mounted inside the drive wheel to provide the pow-er required to cross obstacles without physical effort and to transfer at a top speed of 6 km/h.

  • Citi Truck
  • Citi Truck

Energy management

A range of new technology batteries offers up to 2 hours continuous working time.

A plug&play system makes the compact batteries easily and quickly interchangeable to match the required shift life for the application and provide operational flexibility.

Two lightweight external chargers equipped with a standard mains plug can be cho-sen depending on the number of batteries to be charged or the maximum time avail-able for a full charge.

  • Citi Truck
  • Citi Truck

Environmental friendly

Tyre and load wheels are made from a cushion rubber that dampens vibrations and minimizes noise crossing tiled floors, pavements and cobbled streets.

A traction motor with brush-less DC technology is noise- and maintenance-free.

  • Citi Truck
  • Citi Truck
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